I'd like to share with you about a famous table tennis player, whose name is Malong.

He is highly gifted and hard-working person who has buried in his table tennis for almost 20 years.I knew him in last sunmmer vacation when I watched the Olympic Games on TV,and because of his perfect performance in this events,he enjoyed tremendous popularity in my country.

He made a lot of achievement on table tennis area.Last summer, he won the grand slam , the champions of the three most important international events. Since he was addmmited to national team in 2003, from now , he have awarded world ranking first in 64 mouths totally , and in 34 mouths constantly.

On the other hand, he is versatile. He dances well and especially mechanical dance.He is also good at singing.Last spring festival , his beautiful song won the applause of all his teammates .

Generally speaking, he is the most versatile and greatest table tennis player I have ever seen. I undersand the meaning of competement and learn the importance of improving my own ability from him.

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